Youth Zone Foundation

In 2002, a group of visionary supporters of YouthZone realized that to be ready for the future — as uncertain as it can be — a continued source of funding for YouthZone was a necessity. The idea of YouthZone services being unavailable in our communities because of grant and funding cuts was inconceivable.  As a result, the YouthZone Foundation was established and has continued to reach out to those individuals and businesses who recognize that an endowed fund, carefully managed for growth over time, is an ideal vehicle to ensure stable and long-term funding to YouthZone.  Our ultimate goal is to maintain a $5+ million endowed fund for the benefit of YouthZone operations and, potentially, other youth-oriented needs.

The YouthZone Foundation provides a financial legacy of opportunity, empowerment, and a future of choice for YouthZone and the youth, families and communities they serve.

Through ongoing financial support of YouthZone programs we are ensuring in every community, in every home, for every child, a better future. We believe we each have a call to action. Through our efforts we are building a lasting legacy for YouthZone.

Our Foundation provides YouthZone the power to:

  • Respond to local needs,
  • Provide opportunity where it wasn’t before,
  • Empower families and youth to make sound choices and achieve promising futures, Endure.

Our investment in the futures of families and children is an investment in the future for all of us.

To learn more about the YouthZone Foundation and the many ways you might help, contact Robin Tolan at (970) 945-9300 or rtolan@youthzone.com